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A presentation at the Conference on Literacy 2019 in Copenhagen

EyeJustRead’s presentation at this summer’s combined Nordic and European conference on Literacy (cph2019) will be about the tools we have in the pipeline and the experiences they are built on.

When a reading tutor can see a reader’s eye movements and at the same time hear the student read aloud, there will be an opportunity to form a detailed impression of the student’s reading skills. If a question arises, it’s easy to search for the answer in the EyeJustRead recordings in many ways: by analyzing the recording directly, by getting a colleague’s opinion of the recording, by showing the recording to the student himself and shedding light on that question who did not have an answer before.

Sitting down and wondering, however, can be a luxury that time can not always be set aside for in a reading supervisor’s busy everyday life. Therefore, it is obvious to use automatic analysis of the recordings in EyeJustRead to sort all the details and develop some suggestions on where in a recording the reading tutor can find examples of reading behaviors that differ from the reader’s typical behaviors.

Although the data itself is “blind” to much of the background knowledge about the student that the reading supervisor possess, it is an important picture of the student’s behaviour and development. By combining automatic analyzes with the original recordings, EyeJustRead can provide the supervisor with the best chance to utilize his expertise – even on days when no time has been set aside to just wonder.

Our presentation at the conference will be held on Monday 5 August at 9.30. PhD Sigrid Klerke, who works at EyeJustRead as Chief Data Analyst, is responsible for our presentation. Throughout the conference, EyeJustRead will also have a booth, which conference participants are of course very welcome to visit.

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