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Dyslexia Action – our partner from the UK

The Summer 2018 issue of the Dyslexia Action membership magazine brought an article about EyeJustRead. An important point from the article is that:


Reading specialist teachers employ a wide range of teaching methods. The choice of one over the other is based on the experience, habits, tradition and background knowledge of the expert as well as on concrete observations of a given student. EyeJustRead is a simple, method-agnostic tool which depends on the expertise that the reading teachers bring to the table, just as much as on the hard work that the students put into practising reading.”


EyeJustRead is collaborating with the UK-based company RealGroup and a vital branch of RealGroup’s activities is called Dyslexia Action which is the largest dyslexia training provider in the UK.

The article in full length about EyeJustRead can be found here (be aware that the magazine is a “members only” magazine, which is why the EyeJustRead article is the only one being shared):


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