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On this page you can find inspiration from other people’s experience with EyeJustRead.

You will find a number of videos, where practitioners talk about their experience, and you can also get ideas for different use scenarios in our scenario book.

Finally, you can take a look behind the scene in terms of how EyeJustRead works, and see how we have collaborated with researchers.


Here you learn about how others have used the experience.

Reading supervisor Anita Fryd from Bellahøj Skole in Copenhagen uses EyeJustRead to increase outcome of reading interventions.

Carsten Milan Nielsen is the Reading consultant in Sorø Municipality that has access to EyeJustRead at all schools.

Two students and their reading supervisor Louise explains about the benefits of using EyeJustRead on a regular basis i Egedal municipality.

Line is a reading supervisor that uses EyeJustRead with her reading team on a regular basis to share knowledge about reading interventions.

Hanne is one of our reading supervisor partners that offers reading help both remote and in her reading center.

Marianne is a reading teacher at a school with 700 students. Actionable insights on reading development are made using EyeJustRead.


Standing on the shoulders of giants

Klerke, S (2019). A presentation at the international Conference on Literacy in Copenhagen 2019 READ MORE

Bingel, J & Barret, M & Klerke, S (2018). How EyeJustRead rocks. READ MORE

Dyslexia Action – “Dyslexia Review” (2018). READ MORE

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