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WHAT: EyeJustRead is a reading tool that helps challenged readers by unboxing what happens while you read.

HOW: We combine reading data from eye-tracking and read-a-loud to give individual feedback and unique insights into individual strengths and weaknesses in reading.

YOU: Through individual reading support, clear feedback and sense of progress your motivation to read grows and you focus on training the right things increases.

Benefits for a student

The benefits previous customers tell us about

You are more motivated to read as things are not overwhelming and abstract

You get right support while reading so the focus is on right things, and you are not stuck

Better sparring with reading specialist and colleagues that is clear to understand and use

Visual feedback and sense of progression so you can see you get better and what to work with

Supports peer learning and better parent involvement so you are not alone with the challenge

Continuity in school life across teachers and reading specialist so you don’t go in circles


Our customers say

Normally, we spend 3 hours, when identifying a dyslexia child – with EyeJustRead its only 1 hour.

Sorø muncipality
Reading consultant

… educators get concrete knowledge on how the student reads.

National Knowledge Center for Reading

… an eyeopener for students, and extremely motivating for them

Egedal Municipality
Reading specialist
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