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WHAT: EyeJustRead is a reading tool for educators that supports challenged readers through a systematic and ongoing process by unboxing what happens while a child reads.

HOW: We combine reading data from eyetracking and read-a-loud to enable educators to work smarter with reading education. The system provides tangible feedback and insights allowing for sparring on a new level across students, teachers, parents and others.

YOU: You can provide individual insights and feedback and always keeping track of each student. You can also involve all the people surrounding a struggling reader and save a lot of time on manual processes that are automated in EyeJustRead.

Benefits for reading specialists

The benefits previous customers tell us about

Early on identify at-risk students through class screening, so student don’t fall through the cracks

Individual plan, support, intervention and progress to provide students exactly what they need

Better sparring and knowledge sharing between colleagues to coordinate efforts and work smarter

Visual feedback, unique insights and sparring with students to create student insights and motivation

Automation of manual tasks like time keeping, scoring and reports to save time

Create school life continuity when people changes position to reduce repeated work and frustration


Our customers say

Normally, we spend 3 hours, when identifying a dyslexia child – with EyeJustRead its only 1 hour.

Sorø muncipality
Reading consultant

… educators get concrete knowledge on how the student reads.

National Knowledge Center for Reading

… an eyeopener for students, and extremely motivating for them

Egedal Municipality
Reading specialist
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