An application based on eyetracking that support better reading in primary school

What the solution does?

Create data about reading, evaluate it, engage in dialogue and support future reading...

The technology create structured data about the student’s reading by tracking the students eyes with high precision.


Teacher gets deep insigts into student’s reading patterns, development and difficulties over time that can be used as basis for student dialogue and focus future learning


The rich data created about eg. reading speed, read words and word difficulty creates a strong feedback loop that can increase student’s engagement


Custom help can be made available for the students by using the data collected from the student’s reading.

Our background

A dedicated team with years of experience within eductional technology
Revolution of reading through eyetracking

EyeJustRead is a spin-off from Serious Games Interactive that through the last 10 years have been one of North-Europe’s leading developers of educational games for schools.

Through the latest years we have worked with how eyetracking can be used to create innovative learning- and game experiences. After numerous prorotypes EyeJustRead has emerged.

The solution now being further developed in close collaboration with a number of key Danish partners, and is expectd to launch early 2017.

  • Educational technology
  • Software development
  • Interface design
  • Innovation

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