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Dyslexia Action – our partner from the UK

The Summer 2018 issue of the Dyslexia Action membership magazine brought an article about EyeJustRead. An important point from the article is that:   “Reading specialist teachers employ a wide range of teaching methods. The choice of one over the other is based on the

Gyldendal invests in EyeJustRead

The Danish educational publisher Gyldendal has invested in EyeJustRead!! The decision was made after a long collaboration period. “Society has a huge interest in improving reading ability and the joy of reading especially for the students with reading challenges. At Gyldendal we are happy to

Reading and eye movements – what good can it do?

While reading text, the eyes move forward in small jerks. These jerks are called saccades, and the pauses between saccades are called fixations. The length of the fixations varies, and they do so especially depending on whether the words in the text are easy or

EyeJustRead in Hvidovre municipality

GOOD NEWS!! Hvidovre municipality has tested EyeJustRead for a longer period of time. Based on the test the municipality has decided to buy access to EyeJustRead for several schools, and we couldn’t be more proud to continue our collaboration with Hvidovre municipality. In the video

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